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Leftover Herb Salad

Hello!  Hi!  StorrCupboard is back!  Searchable, quick and easier to use - I hope that it you find it useful. Not all of the recipes are back online yet; this is my passion project and my love, but there are 2 kids that need tending and a career that needs growing....

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Leftover egg-white granola bites

Have you tried the souffle omelette guys? I really enjoyed mine. Nothing to do with the hunks for buttered bread I had it with. No.   Egg-whites are a binder; it's why, when I made a cake and forgot to add egg, it was a tray of cake crumble. Ergh argh! Leftover egg...

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Leftover egg-white omelette

In my second year of uni, I watched my friend Becky's flatmate, Meryl, make an omelette for her tea.  I watched her, and thought - why the fuck haven't I ever thought of making an omelette?  I cooked my dinner most nights -  Ragu jar sauce with tuna/'pie' (campbells...

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Using up leftovers doesn’t have to cost you loads of cash or take forever; all StorrCupboard recipes are catagorized as “quick quick”, “right in the middle” or “lazy afternoon cooking”.

Veggie? Vegan?  Omnivore? Flexitarian?  Recipes for ALL of you!  Meat should be *part* of your plates, not the main event. And if you buy don’t, damn well never, ever waste it.

Weird leftover?  Annoying leftover?  Search via ingredient and hopefully you’ll find something.  Totally stuck?  Email me at ann @ and I’ll be right on it.

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