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Think about what you’re going to have for supper tonight: what’s it going to be?  That new salad you read the recipe for on Saturday?  A risotto – but you’ve got no rice & no wine, & … shit isn’t going to happen.  So you buy the same multipack of peppers, the baby corn, the pricey pre-cooked noodles.  Yawn.

What about that half a packet of feta in your fridge that’s threatening to get that red mould around the side?  That couple of spoons of bolognese from supper 2 nights ago?  Well …  but … is it safe to eat?  What if you’ve not got much time?  Or you have time but … you’re just a bit stumped for an idea?

​A combination of gluttony, skintness & sometimes unhinged desire to feed my family home cooked meals means I have worked out the answers to your questions time & time again

Posting weekly, I give you three options for turning your StorrCupboard leftovers into the main event.  You will save money. You will think of your leftovers in a whole new way. You will stop being part of our huge food waste problem. And you might learn a thing or two.

The two pieces of equipment you’ll need (apart from, you know, oven/saucepan/spoons) are an electric whisk and immersion blender.  No food processors, no stand mixers, no thermopots.  No yoghurt makers.  They’re great but they take up space in small kitchens and are very expensive to buy.  Sometimes simple solutions aren’t terribly exciting because I’m not telling you to buy a product, but to look at what’s in your fridge, looking a bit sad and old, and I’m asking you to see the potenial feast in every last spoon of cabbage.

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Thank you! Ann x


Food Waste

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